Paint is an important supporting material for national economic development, widely used in construction, real estate, transportation and other industries. In recent years, with the “flat, steady and fast” growth of China’s economy, the coating industry has been developing rapidly. Among them, coatings in the field of aluminum profiles application technology progresses quite fast, some even produced a series of products.The New Direction Of The Development Of Architectural Aluminum Profile Coating

As we all know, aluminum profiles have the characteristics of small density, light weight, processability and plasticity, which are welcomed by the home field and the construction field. At the same time, with the improvement of users’ aesthetic quality and material level, aluminum for construction generally needs to be surface-treated before it can be put on the market. After all, the aluminum profile without surface treatment has a single tone appearance, which is easy to aesthetic fatigue.

And a good surface treatment can not only effectively improve the product appearance, texture, function and other aspects of performance, but also prevent the occurrence of corrosion, effectively extend the service life, and very importantly, can easily cover a small number of surface defects caused by aluminum profiles in the processing process, bringing a colorful surface effect. Therefore paint coating application is important.

Some experts have said that the length of life of the coating is subject to three factors: surface treatment, accounting for 52%; coating construction, accounting for 13%; the quality of the coating itself, accounting for 35%. All three are indispensable and must cooperate with each other.

Referring to the national standard GB/T5237-2008, at present, the surface treatment of architectural aluminum profiles mainly includes: anodic oxidation, electrophoretic spraying, powder spraying, fluorocarbon coating spraying and so on. The way is different, and the performance of the coating film obtained naturally has its own characteristics. For example, anodic oxidation film has high wear resistance, good adiabatic insulation performance and corrosion resistance; the anodic oxidation composite film obtained by electrophoretic coating is comparable to fluorocarbon coating, and the color difference is less than that of fluorocarbon coating.The New Direction Of The Development Of Architectural Aluminum Profile Coating

Generally speaking, architectural aluminum profiles mostly use powder coating, which is a cost-effective coating solution with a wide range of applications. Fluorocarbon spraying as a kind of electrostatic spraying, the price is expensive grade is high, only in the past two years in the domestic large area for aluminum curtain wall, can be said to be an emerging coating. Therefore, from the 2019 China aluminum extrusion sub-species production table – architectural aluminum profile table, it is obvious to see such a set of data comparison: powder coating profile accounted for 73.5%, fluorocarbon spray paint profile 4.00%. But no matter what, if the pre-treatment problem of both is not handled well, will also face a huge challenge.

The 25th China International Coatings Exhibition held from December 8 to 10, with the theme of “green manufacturing, side by side”, from “renewable raw materials” to “easy spraying technology”, from “low temperature curing” to “low temperature curing”, and from “low temperature curing” to “low temperature curing”. From “low-temperature curing” to “self-drying intelligence”, from “revolutionary innovation of water-based resin” to “renewal of auxiliary products “, the meeting showed a lot of green products, intelligent manufacturing equipment.

From this we can easily draw three trends.

  1. 1.In order to make the product really popular, the coating company must develop the real green environmental health and other environment-friendly coating products.
  2. 2.In the future, there will be more environmental protection aluminum surface treatment new process will be developed and embark on the road of standardization and standardization.
  3. 3.Coating enterprises need to know how to introduce international advanced automatic production equipment (high efficiency, low energy consumption equipment; environmental protection, safety, energy saving, automatic intelligent production line output) to raise both output and product quality to new heights.

High-quality products need the introduction of new technologies and strong innovation support. In recent years, it can be seen that the progress of coating process and equipment is mainly reflected in the application of environmentally friendly coating materials, followed by production, reducing the discharge of waste water and waste residue, reducing costs, optimizing the production process and several other aspects. With all these changes, it can be seen that coating people are actively adapting to social development and trying to stand firm in the new development pattern.The New Direction Of The Development Of Architectural Aluminum Profile Coating

Nowadays, the coating industry is promoting the embodiment of product value with high-quality development and actively building a green industry. In the future, every coating person will also make every effort to develop non-toxic and harmless materials, develop low energy consumption technology, improve the automation level, put the focus on safety and energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development, etc., and keep striving forward with the market-oriented, traditional industrial economy-based, and economic and environmental harmony in mind.