1. Scientific research proves that long-term living in a wooden house can extend the life span of 9-11 years, which shows that the wooden environment has a magical power that is beneficial to human health.
  2. Wooden houses are houses that breathe. Wooden houses are breathable, moisture resistant and moisturizing wooden houses, four seasons as spring; wood structure heat preservation and energy saving performance is better than any other building materials, in the same thickness of the conditions of the wood structure insulation value than the standard concrete 16 times higher than the hollow brick wall housing 3 times higher.The eco-friendly building full of life - wooden house

In summer, the indoor temperature is 2.4 degrees lower than that of a brick structure, and 4 times higher in winter, making it warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

  1. Unity of heaven and earth Return to the basics. Wooden structure housing can smell the aroma of wood, and its volatile essential oil can enhance human immunity, have the effect of deodorization, mite prevention, insecticide and sterilization, which can make the indoor air fresh.

It makes people feel comfortable, can suppress the tension caused by mental stress, and stabilize the pulse number and reduce fatigue, etc.

  1. Strong seismic resistance Good wind resistance Yong Yi Taiping wooden house has the characteristics of high toughness, load resistance, fatigue resistance, seismic, wind resistance, classic structural composition, is the strongest seismic performance of the building; wood has extremely strong toughness relative to other materials, coupled with the panel structure system, so that it has strong resistance to impact loads and periodic fatigue damage, has the best seismic resistance.

Because of its light weight, wood structure houses absorb less seismic force during earthquakes, even if a strong earthquake makes the whole building detach from its foundation, while its structure is intact.The eco-friendly building full of life - wooden house

  1. Green environmental protection and energy saving, a major trend in the development of the residential industry. Wooden house has been proved to be the most healthy, safe, energy saving, environmental protection and high performance structural system. Wooden houses use natural materials as the main body of the structure, and the supporting building materials do not contain substances harmful to human body, making them ideal green living spaces.

Coupled with healthy materials and effective insulation techniques, wood houses will consume 80% less energy than ordinary concrete houses.

In addition, wood is a reusable resource, not a disposable building material, so you experience natural comfort while also taking on the valuable responsibility of environmental protectionThe eco-friendly building full of life - wooden house

  1. Short construction period High energy efficiency. There are no piles of bricks, steel, cement, tiles and dust at the construction site, and there is no environmental pollution. The structural and connecting parts used in wooden houses are processed into standardized production components in the company’s processing workshop, and then transported to the site for assembly. In addition, the wood structure also adapts to low temperature operation, so the construction is not restricted in winter, thus shortening the construction period, and the house of 100㎡ can be completed in 30 days.