I would like to emphasize that the most valuable nature of architecture is its diversity and association with the growth of organic life in nature, which i believe is the only goal of a true architectural style.                                             –alvar aalto

Aalto, one of the five masters of modernism, did not treat architecture as a “Machine” Like corbusier, nor did he emphasize “Less is more” Like mies, but his ideas softened the soaring functionalism, made it more humanistic, and made it warmer. Under his influence, the idea of the house becoming part of the environment blossomed in melbourne at the southern end of the globe.Melbourne's coolest building——A green six-star library

Melbourne is a city of immigrants, with some 30,000 new immigrants now settling here each year to begin their new lives, making up a third of melbourne’s population. More than 180 languages are spoken in melbourne, and people of different ethnic groups live together in neighborhoods, displaying different styles of living habits, festivals, and dining, bringing a rich diversity of cultures to melbourne.

Melbourne city centre council intended to create a cross-generational meeting place for people of different cultures and ethnicities, focusing on user experience, future flexibility and environmentally sustainable design. Faced with this challenge, groupgsa used innovative planning and high level community site selection consultation to develop the best solution in terms of both time and budget.

The recently completed three-storey, 2040 square meter north fitzroy library and community center is located on st. George’s road in north fitzroy, yarra, melbourne. This stunning new building contains a library, maternal and child health facilities and a variety of community-led facilities, as well as a new home for the international house of learning in yarra.

For the square building skin, round elements are everywhere, the largest being the round red brick portholes that provide an interesting window view. Narrowing the circle to a random layout into a polka dot texture creates an intimate texture that balances the cold hardness of the façade material.Melbourne's coolest building——A green six-star library

The polka dots climb onto the perforated panels to form a new brass colored skin, giving the building an industrial feel while creating a heavy architectural expression with the red brick.

The building is named ‘bargoonganganjin’, which means ‘bringing all people together’ in woiwurrung, the language of the wurundjeri aboriginal people, which is exactly what one would expect from a library and community facility. This is what people expect from a library and community facility.

In the stairwell, the red brick of the building’s surface bleeds into the space, the interior skin of the original wood strips shows the warmth and intimacy of nature, and the louvers of the grille tune the light into the texture and spread it into the space. The staircase kick surface is designed with transparent material, which not only transmits light but also increases the sense of safety of stepping.

The origami-shaped artwork on the wall forms an interesting theme and creates a lively feeling, and the eye-catching red background color is unforgettable.the metal perforated panels in the eave design are quoted in the reception area to form the continuity and echo of design elements, and the sunken partial ceiling reinforces the sense of area and centrality, and diverts and guides the entering crowd in the entrance area.Melbourne's coolest building——A green six-star library

Groupgsa employs a cellular support space on the south side and an open, flexible space on the north side to increase the usability of the center. The first level provides maternal and child health facilities and two playrooms for young children. The library is distributed over two floors and occupies the majority of the building’s wedge-shaped floor plates.

The dormer windows, combined with the round portholes on the façade, provide a small-scale intimacy and become the eyes of the building, looking out and surrounded by warm sunlight, even in winter. The rationalist supremacy of “Architecture is a machine for living” Has a profound legacy, as if the mention of the city is the coldness of high-rise buildings, making the alienation of the crowd a psychological disease of the contemporary city.the original intention of this project is to transform the calm face of modernism into a spiritual living space. In the library space, we see not only the relationship between neighbors, but also between the old and the young, and this new public relationship between communities gives people a new sense of security.

The second level focuses on community amenities with multiple large divisible spaces, a commercial kitchen, and shared community offices. A secure rooftop garden extends to the community room and library, often with the flexibility to interact indoors and outdoors when using the indoor facilities, such as interactive activities and learning. The north end of the first level is connected to the second level by cascading ladder planters and randomly placed seating.

Melbourne is a world-renowned tourist city and has been named the world’s best city to live in for many years, and environmental protection has been a key building philosophy. This community-focused, smartly designed project achieves the highest level of environmentally sustainable design – a green star six-star design, plus a universal accessibility best practice.

Green initiatives include water management, shading systems, on-site power generation and air pressurization systems. Salient features of the universal accessibility best practice include variable placemaking, elevators as fire escape tools, on-site backup generators, hearing loops and lighting materials.to coordinate and meet the enormous demand for space, groupgsa consulted extensively with multiple key stakeholders and the community, creating a design reference group that made a complete shift from community skepticism to full support for the project.Melbourne's coolest building——A green six-star library

In addition, the designers considered the heritage elements of the selected site and held a workshop with the heritage consultant, and any outline changes resulting from the consultation were helped by vcat mediation through an integrated bim design system, resulting in a multi-modal and imaginative community space.

In addition to the appropriate scale and accessibility, there is also a sense of familiarity between people, which is brought to us by the community library and multi-functional spaces, as the saying goes: “The old man is as old as his people, and the young man is as young as his people”.

The community project has become a place where people of all ages, cultures and races gather, just like the circular polka dots that can be seen everywhere on the building, and a circular approach to the relationship between people and the environment and people will benefit all parties, which may be another understanding of sustainable design.