Light Steel Villa, Green Building, Environmentally Friendly Construction

Nowadays, many people hope to use green building when building houses, this kind is to represent the building in the whole life time, can save resources in the maximum limit, effectively protect the environment, avoid the phenomenon of pollution, to provide everyone with efficient and comfortable use of space.

What is the advantage of “Light Steel Villa”?

  1. Basic systems

Light steel villas are light in weight, which greatly reduces the cost of foundation construction.

  1. Wall system

The thickness of the exterior wall of the light steel villa is relatively thin, which increases the actual usable area of the light steel structure house by about 10% compared with the traditional house.

  1. Roofing System

Light steel villa roof frame is made of various light steel components, which can easily and flexibly realize various complex roof shapes.

  1. Durability

The light steel villa’s light steel structure components are all made of high galvanized material, effectively avoiding the corrosion of steel components in the use of the process, corrosion resistance of more than 100 years.

Light Steel Villa, Green Building, Environmentally Friendly Construction

  1. Seismic resistance

Light steel villa has a better ability to resist earthquakes and horizontal loads.

  1. Resistance to wind and snow

Light steel structure has good integrity, can withstand more than 1.55KN/m2 of the basic snow load, can withstand more than 70 meters per second hurricane.

  1. Anti-insect

The light steel structure is made of galvanized steel, so that the maintenance plates are not eroded by termites and other pests, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost.

  1. High quality

All components of the light steel villa are standardized by professional factories, all materials are new energy-saving environmentally friendly materials, and the dimensional accuracy of the components is measured in millimeters, which more fully ensures the quality of construction and quality, and provides adequate protection for the full promotion, application and industrialization.

  1. Efficiency

The standardization of production, logistics, installation and quality control in particular highlights the advantages of efficiency.

  1. Wide application range

Adopting light steel structure skeleton, light weight, no additional lifting equipment, manual handling and installation can be solved. At the same time, the foundation load is small, suitable for construction in areas with various geological conditions, without the limitations of geological conditions. The standardized dry work construction is not affected by weather and season and realizes uninterrupted construction all year round.

Light Steel Villa, Green Building, Environmentally Friendly Construction

  1. Energy saving and environmental protection

100% of light steel structure materials can be recovered and recycled, and 85% of other maintenance materials can be recovered and recycled. From the raw materials themselves, manufacturing processes, construction and maintenance of the whole process, is a truly safe, healthy, environmentally friendly in one of the new housing system, because of this, it has become internationally recognized as an energy-saving housing system with promotion value, and by the majority of users to spread the word.

  1. Cost performance ratio

Because of the scale of production and marketing model, standardized cost control is more advantageous than other structures of the same quality at much lower prices, with strong market competitiveness. Plumbing and electrical lines can be arranged in the wall and floor structure, internal and external decorative materials are durable, eliminating the cost of secondary decoration of traditional houses.

  1. Thermal insulation

Through the combination of structural frame, heat-insulating fiberglass wool and various maintenance panels, it forms a group wall system and combined roof system with good performance and excellent heat-insulating effect.

  1. Sound insulation

The walls, floor and roofing systems of the light steel villas are made of light steel frames, soundproofing materials and environmentally friendly panels, all of which have excellent soundproofing effects.

  1. Comfort

The walls of light steel villas have the function of regulating indoor air humidity to ensure the good comfort of the house.

At present, people are always in pursuit of green building, which is a very good form of construction, especially the country is increasingly interested in green building, light steel villa is the focus of future development, enough to gain more people’s favor. Since the establishment of Anhuaju light steel villa, we have been insisting on green and innovation to create high quality homes, making every customer who moves in comfortable physically and mentally and improving their home experience.

The Anhuaju assembly integrated house is very unique in construction, it has a good weight of building materials, high efficiency in use, fast construction speed, obviously much better than traditional brick and concrete structure, quality is very safe, but also control the cost aspect, making more people can build a new house. At the same time, low energy consumption, low pollution, can reduce the use of raw materials, can also make the construction site noise down, and can avoid pollution to the environment.

Nowadays, through so many years of practice and accumulation, Anhuaju has gained the favor of many customers, and through everyone’s word of mouth, it has quickly gained a foothold in the market, and there is great competitiveness. It is a green building as the core concept, the future will lead to better opportunities for development, the strength of the enterprise is very strong, there is a professional team, service experience is sufficient, can provide all aspects of planning and guidance, for partners can also earn good fortune quickly.

Light Steel Villa, Green Building, Environmentally Friendly Construction

Anhua House has effectively grasped the opportunity to meet the challenge with its own strengths, but also by improving the quality of products and strengthening fine management, to create a new construction housing. The company is also constantly paying attention to the needs of its customers, giving top priority to safety, comfort and functionality, and allowing them to personalize their homes according to their personal preferences, so as to make their homes more eye-catching and enhance their stay.