What is a green building?

Green buildings are high-quality buildings that conserve resources, protect the environment, reduce pollution and provide healthy, suitable and efficient spaces for people to use throughout their life cycle, maximising the harmony between people and nature. Green buildings combine climate, site and economic factors and are designed according to the principles of local conditions. In recent years, the projects in Hangzhou that have been awarded the Green Building Project Design Evaluation Mark have therefore been distinctive.How to build green buildings and green homes in the future

Green building technology highlights

Utilisation of renewable energy sources, with a ground source heat pump composite energy system for heating and cooling.

Independent temperature and humidity control air conditioning system with capillary radiation plus independent fresh air system is adopted at the end, with centralised fresh air supply and exhaust system running 24 hours a day, making the indoor environment constant temperature, humidity and oxygen to enhance indoor comfort.

The site is equipped with sponge facilities such as recessed green areas and permeable paving to improve the site’s rainwater storage capacity.

The greenery is irrigated by micro-irrigation, and water-saving control measures such as soil moisture sensors and rain shut-off devices are installed to save water resources.

Green Building Technology Highlights

Following the principles of passive energy conservation, active energy enhancement and healthy intelligence.

High-performance three-glass, two-cavity hollow LOW-E glass doors and windows are used to maintain heat insulation, reduce noise and silence, and ensure good air tightness of the building; equipped with motorised adjustable external sunshade roller shutters to regulate natural light and effective heat insulation.

The purified full heat exchange air conditioner is used to remove PM2.5 particles and gaseous pollutants efficiently, creating a healthy and clean home environment. The same level drainage system with good water seal, healthy and quiet.

Intelligent home, safe and convenient, enhancing the living experience.How to build green buildings and green homes in the future

Green Building Technology Highlights

Mid-mounted louvered sunshade windows are installed to enhance indoor thermal comfort in summer.

Adopt variable refrigerant flow multi-connected air-conditioning unit system with IPLV greater than 4.64 for multi-connected air-conditioning

Equipped with high-efficiency pumps, fans and other electrical equipment to save energy and power.

A number of water conservation measures have been adopted, including the selection of first-class water-saving appliances, water-saving irrigation systems, soil moisture sensors and water-saving high-pressure water guns for car washing, to enhance the use of water resources.

Green Building Technology Highlights

The project is built using industrially produced prefabricated components with a 20% usage ratio, which is environmentally friendly and green.

Air conditioning is designed with a fresh air dehumidification system, with new air being filtered and dehumidified efficiently and then sent into each room to provide a comfortable indoor environment; and a two-way air exchange device with heat recovery, with a heat recovery efficiency of no less than 55%, to enhance energy utilisation.

The lighting system uses energy-saving lamps and lanterns, combined with light-sensing control methods in corridors and stairwells, to achieve energy and power saving.

The public bathrooms use a hot and cold water mixer shower with thermostatic control and temperature display, which automatically turns off when no one is around, providing comfort and water saving.

Green Building Technology Highlights

Using renewable energy, the air source heat pump hot water system is used to save energy and protect the environment.

Through rainwater recycling device, rainwater is recycled and treated to provide water for greenery watering and road watering, etc. A water-saving irrigation system is also adopted to irrigate the greenery.

A CO concentration monitoring system is set up in the underground garage and linked to the fans to reduce the concentration of air pollutants in the basement.How to build green buildings and green homes in the future

Green Building Technology Highlights

The project is built using BIM information technology, which is collaborative and efficient.

Use of renewable energy and air source heat pump hot water system for energy saving and environmental protection.

Efficient irrigation of greenery through rainwater recycling devices combined with water-saving irrigation systems.