How The Green Building Demonstration Project Was Built

Green building is a building that protects the environment and provides people with a comfortable, efficient and healthy space to live in harmony with nature during the entire building cycle. As the first project of the central enterprise Lueneng to enter South China, Lueneng Residence is a benchmark project by optimizing each stage of design and construction as well as various new technologies and techniques to create a green building boutique.

Safe and Civilized Construction

  1. Access control system applications

The application of access control system is through the integration of labor information, contract information, safety education information, entry/exit information, work types and skills and other information database, to achieve a variety of ways such as ID card/IC card/ID card swipe card in and out, a dynamic record of workers’ attendance, squad situation.

  1. Safety Experience Hall

In order to increase the effect of training experience, the project set up a special safety experience hall, including balance beam, safety belt experience, helmet experience, hole fall experience, object blow experience, electric shock experience, vertical climbing ladder experience, etc., personnel enter the training to experience the hall for safety experience, further increase the effect of training, to ensure safe production.

Vertical climbing ladder experience

The Hole Drop Experience

CPR Simulator Emergency Resuscitation Experience

Seat belt experience

How to use the wire rope

Wall Collapse Experience

Green Construction System

  1. Aluminium formwork applications

Aluminum alloy formwork is a building template made of aluminum alloy, which can only be used in projects with very strict requirements on building quality and workmanship. It is better than traditional formwork in many aspects, such as material, construction effect, cost budget, service life and environmental protection, etc. It can also reduce project cost, improve project quality, speed up construction period, avoid human error in the construction process, and create a safe and civilized working environment with no residual project waste after dismantling the formwork.

How The Green Building Demonstration Project Was Built

It has the advantages of good stability, high load-bearing capacity, wide application range, strong standard and universality, few joints, high precision, good surface effect of concrete after dismantling, many times of reuse, low average cost, short construction period, convenient construction and high efficiency.

  1. floor water interception system

The general approach is to divide the floor into two areas: dry zone and wet zone; the “dry zone” is the elevator hall and indoor rooms; the “wet zone” is the fire-fighting stairs and external walls; the dry zone interception practice is to use blocking and diversion, the wet zone interception practice is to set up rainwater and construction water collection points and diversion system.

Pre-existing holes in the kitchen flue are blocked.

Movable iron plate for wire hole plugging

Stencil Transfer Hole Sealing

Pre-existing hole plugging for utility wells

Hole blocking


Green Construction

  1. Turnable steel plate road

The measure of paving revolving steel plate road instead of concrete road around the pit is easy to install, high turnover, low loss, saving materials and making the site safe and beautiful.

Site plan of steel plate road

  1. Rainwater recycling system

Project department, workers living area for rainwater recycling, for landscape spraying maintenance, project department also plans to rainwater recycling and board house surface spraying cooling control system combined, realize the intelligent management of rainwater recycling.

Rainwater recycling principle and effect diagram

  1. Automatic sprinkler system applications

The automatic car wash is installed at the entrance to the site, which is highly practical and requires vehicles to be cleaned before entering and leaving the site to avoid bringing up a lot of dust in the process. The project owner has very high requirements for dust control. The automatic car wash machine controls the speed and cleanliness of the wheels of the vehicles from the entrance and exit, which effectively prevents the vehicles from driving too fast, carrying too much silt and dust.

Automatic spraying system

Fine process management

  1. BIM-based process refinement management applications

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the abbreviation for Building Information Modeling, which is based on the information data related to the construction project as the model, to establish the building model, and to simulate the real information of the building through digital information simulation. It has five major features: visualization, coordination, simulation, optimization and mapping. Management personnel according to the actual site dynamic planning plan, to understand the site workers operating conditions, real-time dynamic management and project progress control.

VR mixed reality experience

BIM+Smart Site Technology Museum

BIM + UAV plane dynamic management

BIM modeling

BIM+VR experience of completed residential communities

Virtual Simulation and Process Simulation of BIM+VR

Optimal installation process for pipeline collision detection

BIM-based quality engineering process manual

How The Green Building Demonstration Project Was Built

  1. Handheld terminal app

In order to improve the level of informationization of field management operations, expand the application of informationization means and enhance the efficiency of field personnel’s informationized operation, the project department is gradually implementing hand-held terminal APP (Android version) in the process of field management. By adopting the popular mobile application technology, the project department is gradually implementing the hand-held terminal APP (Android version) in the process of site management.