Green Building, How To "Gather Wood Into Forests"?

Rainwater recycling device to provide green irrigation water, roof gardens to improve the local microclimate, “light wells” so that the underground layer is very bright …… seemingly high-tech movies, in jianghuai land is the reality of interpretation.

A “green building” of the tide is accelerating. In order to promote the high-quality development of green buildings, the provincial housing and urban-rural construction department, the provincial development and reform commission, the provincial economy and information technology department and other departments jointly issued the “green building to create action implementation plan” clearly, by 2022, when the green floor space in new urban buildings accounted for 70%.

Green buildings are becoming increasingly popular as a result of vigorous promotion

Is there a building that can trap dust and produce oxygen? Is there a “magic wand” that can keep the power consumption down? These, in Anhui Province Architectural Research and Design Institute of the building testing building can find the answer.

Walking on the top floor of the building, the roof garden is in sight, it is understood that these “green scenery” not only enhanced the roof of the insulation, sound insulation, but also played a role in absorbing dust and produce oxygen. On the top floor there is an integrated solar photovoltaic power generation roof, although the solar photovoltaic power generation system can not meet the building elevators, computers, cooling fans and other electricity needs, but the building’s power consumption in public areas has dropped significantly. The basement is equipped with a light guide tube, an ingenious “light well” design that effectively improves the natural lighting effect of the underground space and saves 10% of the basement’s lighting energy consumption a year.

City building in the pursuit of speed and height, green, humanistic, livable is also increasingly concerned. Zheng Shengxian, a resident of Hefei City’s scientific home community, the home is warm in winter and cool in summer. “The community was built with a ground source heat pump cold heat source, and every home has central air conditioning.” Zheng Shengxian said, “In the summer, even if it is more than 30 degrees Celsius outside, but my home is only 27 degrees Celsius. The cost is also lower, only 22.5 yuan per square meter per year, and the ground source heat pump greatly saves energy compared to air-conditioning in every home.”

Green building refers to saving resources, protecting the environment, reducing pollution, providing people with a healthy, suitable and efficient use of space during the whole life cycle, and maximizing the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. In recent years, the province has been vigorously developing green buildings and actively implementing green building actions to promote the rapid development of green buildings. Last year, 30.88 million square meters of green buildings were completed in the province, accounting for 43.1% of new civilian buildings, and 6.59 million square meters of new modular buildings were added, accounting for 7.9% of new buildings.

The introduction of the “green building to create the implementation of action plan” established a new goal: by 2022, when the proportion of green floor space in urban new buildings to reach 70%, star green buildings continue to increase, the level of energy efficiency of existing buildings, residential health performance is constantly improving, assembly construction accounted for a steady increase in the proportion of green building materials to further expand the application of green residential user supervision to promote the overall promotion of the people actively participate in the creation of green building activities, the formation of a social atmosphere of green life.

Green Building, How To "Gather Wood Into Forests"?

Efforts to Promote and Build an Industrial Base for Assembled Buildings

“This weather, it’s hot outside, the temperature at home at least three or four degrees Celsius lower; soundproofing is good, close the doors and windows, the outside noise is not heard at all.” Mr. Qu, who lives in Hefei City, Hefei Qikang South Garden District, told reporters that at first heard that the house is assembled, and did not worry, live in only to find that the benefits are many.

What is an “assembled building”? Vividly speaking, it is similar to “building a car” – in traditional construction, steel, concrete and other construction materials need to be transported to the construction site for pouring; “assembly” is the beams, columns, columns and other construction materials to be poured. Wall panels, balconies, stairs and other component parts, pre-produced in the factory, transported to the site after assembly, connection, installation. It is understood that the assembly construction method can make the construction industry from the traditional high pollution, high energy consumption, low efficiency, low quality coarse mode to low pollution, low energy consumption, high quality, high efficiency of modern intensive way to change, in the whole life cycle of the building to achieve green development. In recent years, the province has seen rapid development of assembled buildings. The provincial government recently issued the “Opinions on Promoting the Development of Assembly Building Industry” made it clear that by the end of 2020, the province to cultivate about 10 provincial assembly building industry base; to 2025, assembly building accounted for 30% of the new construction area.

The “implementation plan” proposed that the province should steadily promote assembled construction methods, adhere to the principles of quality and safety and the assembly of assembled buildings, and select assembled building technologies suitable for the region according to local conditions; with government-invested residential projects, such as affordable housing projects, as a starting point, the assembly of concrete structures should be promoted step by step, gradually increasing the assembly rate. Focusing on public and industrial buildings, we will vigorously promote the assembled steel structure technology system; advocate the application of light steel structure and wood structure in tourism, resort, landscape and antique building projects; actively create national and provincial assembled building industry bases, strengthen industrial layout guidance, and strive to build an assembled building industry base for the Yangtze River Delta region.

New buildings should promote assembly construction, existing residential buildings should also be green transformation. “To combine the transformation of old urban neighborhoods, sponge city construction, etc., to promote energy and water-saving renovation of existing residential buildings. Explore market-based energy-saving retrofit models for existing residential buildings. Encourage localities to carry out energy-saving renovation of existing residential buildings by reasonably selecting measures such as external shading of buildings, energy-saving doors and windows, and energy-saving renovation of building roofs and exterior wall insulation.” Relevant officials of the provincial housing and urban-rural development department said.

Joint efforts to promote the high-quality development of green buildings

Green building concepts such as land-saving, energy-saving, water-saving and material-saving are inseparable from the application of new materials and the promotion of research and development of technologies.

In the promotion and application of green building materials, the “implementation plan” requires accelerating the evaluation, certification and promotion of green building materials, the establishment of green building materials adoption mechanism to promote the quality of building materials; increase government investment projects, key projects, municipal public works, green buildings and eco-city, assembly-type buildings and other projects in the application of green building materials, and gradually increase the proportion of green building materials in urban new buildings; municipalities to strengthen the promotion and application of green building materials publicity, guidance to building materials enterprises to actively declare green building materials evaluation logo certification.

At the same time, green building science and technology research and development should be strengthened, the establishment of a provincial science and technology achievement bank, and the promotion of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; actively explore the application of new technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, building robots and other new technologies in the field of engineering construction, and promote the integration of green construction and new technologies; combined with epidemic prevention and control and local reality, carry out healthy building research and pilot projects, and improve the building indoor air, water quality, sound insulation and other health performance indicators. Improve the management mechanism for scientific and technological innovation, and guide industry enterprises to increase investment in research and development. Actively guide industry entities to declare construction science and technology projects, green building innovation awards, science and technology progress awards, etc.

Green Building, How To "Gather Wood Into Forests"?

The provincial housing and urban-rural development department of building energy conservation and science and technology division of the responsible person said, compared with ordinary buildings, green building by making full use of natural resources, integrated low energy consumption envelope, green configuration, the use of solar geothermal energy, air quality monitoring self-balancing system, green building materials and intelligent control and other new technologies, can effectively solve the problem of energy conservation and environmental protection, to provide people with a healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly living and working environment.

Next, the province will give full play to the role of financial capital guidance and leverage, encourage the use of government and social capital cooperation (PPP) and other ways to guide the banking industry financial institutions to increase credit support for green building projects. When organizing the selection or recommendation of the Huangshan Cup, Luban Award and Survey and Design Award, green building demonstration projects should be given priority for selection or recommendation under the same conditions. Localities are encouraged to develop supporting incentive policies to promote the development of green buildings in accordance with relevant national and provincial incentives on green buildings to promote the development of high quality green buildings. In the future, there will be more and more “green buildings” that are low-consumption, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.