Budgeting And Cost Control Analysis Of New Green Building Projects

Overview of new green building

In the construction process of new green buildings, there are energy saving, water saving, heat preservation and thermal insulation. While providing people with a convenient life, it also helps in the sustainable development of the society and economy. The new green building can provide people with a better quality of life and achieve sustainable social development. At this stage, both in urban and rural areas, the concept of new green building has been widely applied and developed. The new green building not only includes the green environment of the indoor environment, but also includes all aspects of the building surroundings, landscape gardens and the green design of the building, realizing the coordination and unification of the internal green environment and external environmental protection, and ensuring green and sustainable development of the building interior and building week. Green building does not have to be green; instead of non-renewable energy, energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials are used in the building to achieve true ecological architecture. New green building as the future trend and direction of the construction industry, the study of new green building project cost budget and cost control is of great significance.

The significance of new green building project cost and cost control

  1. For management level improvement

Cost budgeting and cost control are not only applicable to new construction green building projects, but also to traditional projects. First of all, green buildings are market-oriented, and if they can feel the demand of the market, they are bound to be well developed and rewarded. On this basis, the management system of new green building projects is further improved. By strengthening the reward and punishment mechanism measures to stimulate work enthusiasm, it plays an important role in improving the management level.

  1. For the improvement of environmental protection measures

In traditional construction projects, some aspects related to environmental protection are rarely applied, such as the application of environmentally friendly materials in engineering projects and energy-saving methods for hydropower energy. The development of new green construction projects will further improve and implement environmental protection measures. In order to balance the cost control of the whole project, more capital investments and cost budgets are needed, which complement each other.


  1. For the research and application of new green processes

With the development of the construction industry, new environmentally friendly technologies are gaining more and more attention. The emergence and development of new green building projects have undoubtedly promoted the research process of new environmental protection technologies. However, the subsequent research and application still requires a large amount of financial investment in order to form a complete building environmental protection system, thus ensuring the development of new environmental protection technologies. The orderly combination of research results and projects, inevitably inseparable from the cost budget and cost control.

Budgeting And Cost Control Analysis Of New Green Building Projects

To strengthen the new green building project cost budgeting measures

The cost and budget personnel of the new green construction project must comprehensively consider the construction characteristics of the new green construction project, grasp the specific environment of the project, and compile the cost and budget according to the actual environmental system of the project. Before the preparation of the cost budget, the first step is to make a preliminary plan, including the green building project plans and geological survey complaints, in-depth investigation of the green building project site, and clarify the construction plan. During the construction period, the green building project must be re-budgeted according to the same budgetary norms, cost standards, and cost budgeting. Control the quality of the green building project and the price of the material budget.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the new green building construction drawings.

Accurately calculate the fixed unit price and the quantity of the project. When preparing the project cost budget, the new type of green building construction design drawings must be carefully studied. While ensuring the accuracy of budgeting, it is possible to clearly calculate the quantity of works.

  1. Objective analysis of price factors

For the new type of green building project, there are many types of construction materials used and the prices vary. The cost of construction materials accounts for 60% to 70% of the construction cost of the project. Therefore, in the project budgeting, the relevant personnel must take seriously the new green building project materials, equipment and price of the investigation. Because the new green building materials and equipment prices will change with market changes, so its budgeting needs differential adjustment and dynamic management.

  1. Strengthen the dynamic management of the project budget.

From a macro point of view, project budget management has a certain periodicity. It is not a fixed number, but adjusted accordingly to the changes in the new green building construction cycle. Once the project budget for the expected price is determined, there are associated risks that cannot be reasonably analyzed, which ultimately leads to over-budget project costs. For this reason, it is necessary to track the changes in the price of the project budget in real time throughout the process, analyze the reasons for such changes, and take corresponding solution measures to give full play to the dynamic role of project budget management. Strengthen the dynamic management of the project budget throughout the entire process of the project budget.


Green building cost control measures

  1. Cost control in the design phase

In the process of considering the cost of the design phase, the first step is to understand the total amount of investment and the rational allocation of available funds. Fully consider the impact of variable factors on the overall project construction, understand the general environmental conditions of the construction project and pay attention to ecological protection. Select green raw material planning, clear project planning concept, reduce capital waste and capital loss, and improve product planning quality.

  1. Cost control during construction

In the construction process of the new green building project, management control should be strengthened. On the one hand, in terms of personnel management, it is necessary to strengthen the professional training and understanding of the new green building project. In addition, education and training on construction safety must also be strengthened to reduce the incidence of construction safety accidents. On the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen the quality control of construction, understand the structure of the construction site, and strictly control the use of construction materials. For some green construction materials that can be reused to reduce unnecessary waste and reduce construction costs.

  1. Improve the cost control system

New green building projects need to further strengthen the expression of “green and ecological” in construction projects. Therefore, the cost control system of traditional construction projects is different from the cost control system of new green building projects, which needs to be improved for new green building projects. Improving the cost control system will help the construction process, cost control and accounting of subsequent projects. In addition, a perfect cost control system can facilitate managers and decision makers to understand the current status of project operations in a timely manner and lay a solid foundation for the next step of construction. In addition, perfecting the cost control system can further improve the work functions of the relevant managers, and through a perfect system of rewards and punishments, the work enthusiasm can be improved to ensure the quality of the project construction and the progress of the management level.

  1. For the management of construction progress

The construction schedule is an important element of the new green building project. In addition to construction quality and construction technology, the construction schedule must also be considered to complete the project on schedule. According to different aspects, scientific analysis, reasonable investment of funds, strict quality control construction content in different construction stages, but also emphasize the importance of the construction period in order to ensure the completion of high-quality projects within the effective period.

Budgeting And Cost Control Analysis Of New Green Building Projects

In summary, in order to adapt to the needs of the times, it is necessary to protect the environment while developing the economy and strive to build an environmentally friendly and energy-saving society. The new green building project has obvious advantages of the times, and to achieve sustainable and healthy development, the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection must be implemented. Adopt new management methods, strengthen project cost control, reasonably control the project cost budget, and promote the development and application of new green buildings in China.